Types of exterior door designs ideal for your home

Types of exterior door designs ideal for your home


The external doors are one of the most important elements inside a house because they provide security to the home, decrease the thermal sensation and reduce the noise coming from the street.

We can find several types of external doors that can vary depending on their location, design and installation. On this occasion, we will mention the most important designs.


Front doors

This type of door is the simplest. However, new designs have been popularised with panels that allow a view to the outside and give an elegant and modern air to this classic external door. It is ideal not only for the entrance of the house but also as a back door, especially if we want to have a view of the garden. 


French doors

French doors are the most sought after in the industry, not only because of their large size but also because of their elegance and eye-catching appearance. Although they are more suitable for entrances, they can also be used as back doors if you need to store large items such as pruners and gardening materials inside the house.


Doors with sidelights

This type of door is very modern and will certainly make a great impression on any visitor. They are perfect for letting natural light into the house and the material they are made of is very resistant.

If you have some space leftover at home that you want to give a different look, you can add some small decorative doors as sidelights. You will see how something as simple as an external door can give a completely different look to any room or space in your home. 


External door with sidelights

Best of all, they are not only available in wood, but also in other more resistant materials and with personalised details. This guarantees us a safe, high-quality door and, at the same time, one that combines with the look and decoration of our home.