Off-site SEO with Backlinks

Off-site SEO with Backlinks


In an earlier reading, we stressed the importance of off-site SEO in improving the authority, reputation and the rankings of your sites. And the heart of all of this lies backlinks. We did say that building backlinks are not all there is to improving off-site SEO. However, it is an important facet nonetheless.

The main types of links

Now, search engines use these backlinks to assess the quality of the linked-to content. Bringing in domain authority, and the relevance of those sites, if they rank high, their backlinks are what we’d describe as ‘high-value’. So, if your site connects to these high ranking sites, your links would be considered high value, and consequently, your site will rank progressively higher. 

Self-created links

We will start with the most controversial one. We’ve all come across these at one point or the other, in some forums, the comment sections of blogs or even press releases. In these forums and comment sections, there would be some sort of content-relevant anchor text that’s optimized. And this anchor text often links to another website.

Remember, search engines do NOT appreciate such manner of link building. And for good reason. Such strategy for link building falls more towards the black hat SEO side of things, so you’re better off avoiding these.

Manually built links

These are links that are generated in a much more deliberate manner. Manual link building activities include activities such as having your customers link to your website, or having influencers promote your content. 

Natural links

These links are generated without any action on the part of the page owner, that is, they are editorially applied without having any input from the page owner of the page you are linking to. For example, a car blogger linking to their favourite garage.

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