Some links to other sites that we feel may be of interest to you.

Waltham Abbey Church     The Church of the Holy Cross & St Lawrence is the Parish Church of the town of Waltham Abbey, but it is also the main remaining part of the monastic foundation of Waltham.

Waltham Abbey Town Council    is the town’s own local authority.   The Town Hall is the site of many local events and is a popular wedding venue;  there is a leisure park with excellent facilities and a clubhouse at Town Mead;  and the Council promotes a number of festivals during the year.

Epping Forest District Museum   covers the whole of Epping Forest District and is located in a beautiful old house in Sun Street, Waltham Abbey.   It re-opened in March 2016 following major refurbishment and extension, and is now able to display more of its large collection.   It is well worth a visit.

Uk Craft Fairs     a website covering craft events across the country throughout each year.

Waltham Abbey Community Centre     is used by many diverse groups for regular meetings, and social functions.

Visit Epping Forest     The District’s tourism website, showcasing popular events and destinations in the Epping Forest District

About My Area EN9    A very good locally-run website with lots of information about Waltham Abbey and what happens in the town.

Everything Epping Forest    An excellent website run by well-known local journalist, David Jackman.   Its name tells you just what it is, all about Epping Forest District.

The Epping Forest Guardian     local weekly newspaper.

The Cheshunt & Waltham Mercury     local weekly newspaper.

Richard and Elizabeth York     Musicians with a large collection of medieval instruments, who give a sparkling and informative performance and cover a number of historical periods.

Discover Waltham Abbey    Waltham Abbey’s own tourism website.   Read all about the tourism attractions which the town can offer.

Festival Town of the Lea Valley   Waltham Abbey is now the Festival Town of the Lea Valley, offering a variety of Festivals throughout the year.