2017 King Harold Day cancelled


We are very sorry to announce that we have had enormous troubles about this year’s event, and we have, therefore, decided we cannot hold King Harold Day in 2017.   A notice to that effect has been put on various websites.

We very much regret this, but we have been left with no choice but to cancel this year’s event, which has now been done.

We shall continue to work to find a solution, even if it means going to a different but nearby site.   And we hope that we shall be back in 2018 when King Harold Day would be on Saturday 6th October.

People have been putting very nice comments on the internet, and there have been a number of suggestions of other venues and ideas which have been added to the list we had already put together.   There are at least three sites which would be very suitable for the event, but none of them has the unique selling point of the Abbey Gardens, which is the proximity to the Abbey Church and the monastic ruins.

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  1. So what’s the matter with Waltham Abbey and the Abbey Gardens? Heck, Harold was buried there, you’d think the authorities would embrace the event just as Leicester Cathedral has Richard III (and made a packet out of it!). I can’t imagine Waltham Abbey are exactly flush with cash.

    • It’s not a matter of either Epping Forest District Council or Waltham Abbey Town Council. The Abbey Gardens are leased by and managed by the Lee Valley Regional Park Authority. I am not prepared to make any other comment at present.

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